I’m proud to share that you can surf the waves of the worldwide web and find me in these places!

Hey!  I got published on Bon Bon Break!

Girl, I Love Your Butt

Exciting! I have a piece on The Huffington Post!

It’s called 5 Things You Need to Know When You Become a Special Needs Parent

NEWS!  As of 2015, you can find me in an ACTUAL REAL BOOK!  Check out my essay about my unique relationship with my mother, Sun and Moon, in the new book The Mommie Diarist, published by Robyn Lane Books.  The release date is April 7!

Listen To Your Mother 2014 – Austin

CLICK ON THE PLAYLIST AND SCROLL TO THE FINAL PERFORMANCE!  This is a special story about being mothered as a mother.  If you have time, enjoy the other performances.  They are all special, whether humorous or heart-wrenching.

Listen To Your Mother 2014 – Austin

Great Moments in Parenting

See ME here:  (this is the written essay that I read in the LTYM show) I Can See September From Here

And here:  Musings from a young single mother, appreciating a sunlit moment.   The Mermaid Years

The Mighty

A piece about loving friends and family just as much, despite seeing them less when you have a child with special needs.  To The Friends and Family…

And a piece about the language we use and perceptions we have when talking to parents of special needs children.  Why I Believe Only Special People…

And a piece about reconsidering the term, “normal”.  When Our Pediatric Psychologist Asked Me…



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