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Witch Me Baby, One More Time.

witch 2018

Happy Halloween, y’all!

Tonight we had our annual neighborhood trick or treat trail.  So, the Rancho Deluxe sits on the main lakefront street where the community center and park are also located.  Every year, there is a Halloween carnival at the park, and folks on our street volunteer to be safe trick or treat houses and then they are all marked with signs.  (Thanks, Miss Sally.)  It generally turns into a big street party.  Kids trick or treat for a set time and then everyone ends up at the park for the carnival.

We have been a trick or treat house for a  few years.  We have our routine.  Get costumed, put the candy in a big bowl, Allen stays home to pass out treats and Lucy and I hit the street.  See video.

Happy Halloween

I think this was my favorite year.  Lucy, for once, WAS NOT A NURSE.  She was an owl.


And she made it a good halfway through the trail before stopping in the middle of the road and stripping off her costume.  We only stopped every 10 feet or so to fondle the candy in her bucket.

Lucy is kind of a celebrity in the neighborhood.  Between the park and the school bus, she knows a lot of people.  There are constant refrains of, “Hi Lucy!” “Hi Lucy!” “Hi Lucy!”  See videos.

no costume


Lucy was hot and tired and wanted to go home and investigate her candy.  Lucy does not like candy, by the way.  But she likes to unwrap stuff.

So I got to sit on the front porch in my hat and with my bowl, and watch all of the foot traffic.  The costumes were great.  Some families got super creative.  My favorite was the carnival/circus family.  There was a lady ringleader, a male bearded lady, a baby strongman, a small trapeze artist…They were great.

pac man


i cant even

I wish I could live in Halloween Town and be a witch and pass candy out to kids all year long.  Conversations with those little darling weirdos are THE BEST.

witch 2018

The trick or treat portion of the evening went on an hour longer than advertised.  Allen and Lucy left to go eat.  I stayed on the porch, ran out of candy after 4 giant bowls, had about 15 neighbors in the yard hugging, got offered the keys to an Airstream lady retreat next to my house, and only got 11 mosquito bites. That I can see.

One sweet friend showed up after Lucy left, asking for her.  Emily is in Lucy’s class, they play every day, and she watches Lucy’s YouTube channel.  I promised to tell Lucy that she came by.

When it was dark, and my bowl was empty, I turned off the porch light, locked up, and went to Whole Foods because I needed to be a vegetarian for supper tonight.  I kept my hat on.

Love my hood, love my community, love you all, too.

Stay spooky, my friends.



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