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Mere Tries New Things


Hello Friends!

This is just a brief post to let you know that I have several projects going right now and I’m trying some new things!  I’m going to be sharing my experiences and I hope you’ll ask me about them!

The first new thing I’m trying is becoming a consultant for Beautycounter.  I’ll admit that I became a consultant because I get a discount on the products, but I want you all to know about them, too, because I LOVE them.

What makes these products unique is what’s NOT in them.  In the US, there are only 11 banned or restricted ingredients for cosmetics and skincare.  In the EU, there are over 1400!  You will not find any of those harmful ingredients in this line.  They are the safest available.

I was using high-end products before finding this line, so when I looked into Beautycounter products and saw they were safer and comparably priced, it seemed like a far better choice for me.

For all of you moms who choose natural products for your kiddos, there are great haircare and skincare products for children, too!

I’m using the Nourishing line.  It’s lovely and I feel so…nourished. :-)

Please go to my website if you’re interested in learning more, and definitely reach out to me if you’d like to know more!

Love to you all!

Mere’s Beautycounter Website

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