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Lady Gaga, I Heart You


When my oldest daughter was 12, one of her friends took her to see Lady Gaga.  They were bananas over her and it was an epic experience for her.  I liked her then.  This was in the Bad Romance period.  Gaga has come out with new projects and music since then, and has emerged as a spokesperson and advocate for especially the LGBTQ community, and also for victims of sexual assault and violence.  All of this is admirable.  And her epic Super Bowl performance was a statement unto itself.

Then my friend Chris posted this online tonight, from last summer.

Lady Gaga Sings to Child in Orphanage in Mexico

I have heard this song before, of course.  Many times.  But watching her sing it a capella, to a child, holding an Elmo backpack…I was done in.  She’s my hero.  Because this could be my child…my not-typical, different, perfect child.

She’s beautiful in her way and God makes no mistakes; she’s on the right track, baby; she was born this way.

Thanks, Gaga, for being an inspiration and role model and Chief Encourager for my girls.  In all the ways they were born.


A Mom

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