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What Is Dyspraxia?


After I wrote my last post, 5 Things You Need to Know When You Become a Special Needs Parent,  which was featured on HuffPost (woot!), I had a great response from a lot of parents with special needs children, and others who work with special needs children.  I was contacted by the head of the Dyspraxia USA foundation, Warren Fried.  Warren has Dyspraxia, and in this video, he explains what that means, and what life with Dyspraxia is like.  There is a lot of great information at the organization’s website, Dyspraxia USA.

I encourage you to watch the video, and go to the website and read about this disorder.  It has been studied more in Europe, particularly the UK.  Warren is working to raise awareness and funds for research in the United States.

Our family struggles with many of these issues daily, and appreciates your learning about this very challenging disorder!


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