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Nothing Is…


It’s Christmas time.  Which means I am generally a crazy person.  In addition to still having school and therapy, and a stressed out senior taking finals, I have to plan multiple big meals, run a bunch of errands for gifty details and food, plan on being gone so the maid can come because she can’t come during a single time I actually need to be gone, and then keep the house clean with a husband, teenager, 4 year-old and dog for the next week.

I got a new iPhone.  Usually I like stuff like that.  This one has been a hassle from the beginning.  My salesperson had a good heart but a peabrain.  The guidance I got at the apple store was inadequate.  So I have spent the last week installing new versions of iTunes on my computer, wiping the phone, trying to sync, looking up answers and then installing what I need manually for the day until I get it figured out.

I have music on my phone.  A lot of music.  I want it over the holiday because we are having a little dinner party, then Christmas Eve, then Christmas dinner at our house.  Because iPhone and computer appear to be mortal enemies, I am now manually downloading all 1,000 songs I want from the cloud.  (Shakes fist at cloud)  I liked when the cloud didn’t steal your stuff.

While school is still happening, it is not a full schedule.  So I’ve had to cancel the 2 hair appointments I had this week so I’m not a haggard mess when I honor baby Jesus.  I bought a box of Nice ‘n Easy.  Put it on my head today.  The color freaked me out once it was on my head, and so I got in the shower after 20 minutes and washed it out.  It’s not bad.  It’s not great, either.  And you can still see my roots.  This is why I don’t use the box.  When you start going gray at 22 you need a professional to manage that shit.  And it stinks.  So now I smell bad.  If I’d had a spray tan today, I’m sure I’d be able to knock someone out in a small room.  I gave myself a headache just driving around in my car.

I’m supposed to go to a concert tonight.  And I don’t have time for that, but I want to see the friend with whom I’m going.  So I’m going to go, and I’m going to meet my friend at a nice bar, and we will eat (unless she loses her appetite because stank hair) and I will stay for the opening act.  If I make it that long.  If home doesn’t call me and give me an instant ulcer because it’s a freakout session here.

And I keep forgetting stuff. There’s so much to do, that I literally cannot remember all of it.  And things pop into my head and I mean to write them down, but when I get to my phone or my lists I can’t remember what I was supposed to write down.

My husband told me to pick up the dog poop.  But I’m going to let him take care of that, I think.

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